Perceive Me

perceiveArtboard 1.jpg

How might I show people what it’s like to be on the receiving end of another’s perceptions? Or how might I show people a more “accurate” view of themselves through the eyes of another? By revealing what a mirror never shows: the often misguided and sometimes accurate filters through which they are seen.


For this project, I attempted to hack mirrors in a way to make them more honest. I took cues from headlines and trending topics, drew inspiration from the lives of those around me, and looked deep within myself to find the views I felt are plaguing society on a broad scale. Then I silkscreened those views on the surfaces of mirrors so they could act as analog filters of reality, showing those that used the mirrors what others are really seeing.


Ideally, everyone who interacts with this piece will be faced with a judgement they hold personally or a truism that they are blind to. Through this interaction I hope to inspire others to challenge their perceptions and understand that beneath our biases we aren’t much different from each other after all.


This project was originally created for TEDxKC 2016: Question Everything and later translated to a mobile-friendly website that utilizes webcams to simulate a mirror effect. Try it out at You can also read a comprehensive reflection on the project here.

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