Spira Care


Spira Care is a place, not a plan, so we worked with architects, interior designers, and fabricators to create a welcoming visitor experience.


As a brand new kind of healthcare center with doctor, specialist, and insurance rolled into one, we knew it was imperative to create a space with a clear path and distinct destinations. At the start, members are greeted with a typographic sculpture which opens to a waiting room that feels more like a home than an office. The reception desk has no monitors or clutter to obscure the welcoming faces of the receptionists and the logo behind it was brought to life with a dimensional adaptation that echos professionalism.


Once inside, the walls are adorned with large scale illustrations evoking community and belonging. The pattern combines a sense of local landscape, home, and a “hand of the maker” quality. On your way to a room, the color-coded wayfinding system guides the way with intuitive markings: red for staff areas and our brand of teal for member-facing rooms.


In the waiting room, a gallery wall was curated to express a cozy, quirky atmosphere. Local artists were hand-selected to illustrate specific items using a branded color palette. The frames shapes and sizes were systematized so that the entire wall could be replicated and rearranged at new locations. For the rest of the clinic we used our material palette to inspire unique textural pieces from all over the world.


Environmental/Signage/ART DIRECTION & CURATION: Anthony Schmiedeler
Environmental Illustration: Cara Berberet
Creative Direction: Cady Beansmith